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Raku is related to the tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Raku, meaning "joy." The process starts with the application of glaze to bisque ware. A special kiln is used, heated to a temperature of 1,850 degrees F by propane gas. A visual check is made to be certain the glazes have melted properly. Once the correct temperature is reached the rest of the firing moves quite quickly. The red-hot pots are removed with tongs and placed into containers filled with combustible material (I use cedar shavings and sawdust). The shavings then ignite, creating flames around the piece, at which time the container is covered. After a short time the pots are removed and sprayed down with water and cleaned of any residue. The unique combination of oxygen levels, glaze chemicals and the clay itself creates a wide margin of results ranging from beautiful matte finishes to iridescent and metallic lusters. Areas not glazed will turn black creating dramatic effects. Each one-of-a-kind work of art is then ready to add to your decor and enjoy.  

Please note: These pieces are for decorative use only and should not be used to hold water. Plastic or glass must be inserted in pieces being used as a vase.




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