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After pit-fired pots are formed and allowed to dry, a decorative process of applying Terra Sigillata, a fine-partical clay, is used. The pots are burnished to a smooth silky surface, bisque fired to become more resilient, then ready for the pit. Pots are placed in a pit of sawdust with chemicals spread around them, covered with wood and allowed to burn overnight. They are then carefully removed, brushed off, and when still warm, a coat of butcher's wax is applied to enhance both the colors and burnishing. This technique produces unusual hues of color resulting from a combination of flame and minerals vaporized in the fire. The areas touching the sawdust will turn black, adding contrast to the colors. Through the magic of flames the results produce a one-of-a-kind vessel for decorative use and to bring visual enjoyment to your surroundings.

Please note: Decorative use only. No water. 




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