Artist's Statement and Bio

I am the married mother of two sons, proud grandmother of two granddaughters and have lived on Long Island with my husband Bob for the past 35 years. During that time, there have been career changes. I began my career as a medical assistant, then attended school at night to become a hairdresser. After my first encounter with clay in 1995, I decided to pursue ceramics. Working with the gift of nature - earth - is very nurturing to me.

The teachings and constant encouragement of local potter Randy Blume, along with Robert Compton of Vermont, have had an enormous affect on my journey in clay. Under the guidance of Randy at Hands on Clay (Long Island), I taught classes and workshops. In addition, I developed and ran a program for the challenged for a number of years before leaving to expand my personal growth. I have attended workshops with accomplished artists and continue to do so today.

I work with a variety of firing methods including Raku, Pit Fire, and Horsehair. I am intrigued by these processes which produce immediate results. Due to the stress of these firings on the pottery, many are lost. The survivors can range from trash to treasures. I also use electric and gas, each producing its own unique result on my decorative and functional wheel-thrown ware. 

The influence of the Asian arts and traditions brings a peace to my active spirit. The essence of the artist will be revealed in her work, regardless of her creative methods. The true beauty of pottery comes from the delight of the process, the results unexpected - the surprise - keeps the child in me alive. 

My work is displayed and available at arts and crafts shows, galleries along the eastern coast, and at my home studio. For more information, please contact me at or fill out my guestbook

Susan removing hot pots - Raku firing.

Susan at her home studio.

Susan in Vermont




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